Sculptured portraits

A portrait in bronze or gips or stone brings a beloved one in on other way closer and more touchable than when it is painted or drawed.   I like to do it again and again, in close harmony with my clients. Feel free to contact me about how it works and what value you are going to add to your home or office.

theo van der stouw bronze dirk van der stouw

My father Theo van der Stouw

Bronze, 15 x 20 cm

Not for sale

Geertje bronze dirk van der stouw


Bronze, 15 x 25 cm


sititing man bronze dirk van der stouw

Naked soldier

Bronze, 6 x 8 cm

for sale


Bronze, 7 x15 cm

for sale


Ge Logman

Baked clay, true size – 1980

Not for sale