Dirk van der Stouw

About the artits

Stories of light & shadow

There is a double gap between the painter and those who’re looking to his paintings. The gap between the captured observation to paint, and back from paint to the perceived image. Free to Joost Zwagerman. In: The silence of light (2015 Amsterdam).


Painting, drawing and creating sculptures means a lot to me. It’s a never ending process to transform my fascination for the secrets of light and shadow in a visible, touchable expression.


Is my work impressionistic, luministic or more realistic? Whatever you choose it may be, for me it’s a way of telling my stories of light & shadow. Using coulours and materials that reflects on what’s going on in my mind and soul. I like to follow unexpected insights in how light and it’s rhythm can change the beauty of some details in any subject.

That’s why I’m embracing the words of Father/Architect Dom Hans van der Laan: ‘It’s only in the process of creating we can learn how to make things’, Father/architect.’ (Vormenspel der Liturgie (Leiden z.j.)


Portraits, landscapes and cityscapes: that’s what I have been drawing and painting since my childhood. Later on I’ve always doing my very best to combine this part of me with my university Education Science and my job as a Teacher (Physics, Biology & Engineering) and Programm-manager at NS/ProRail.

Around the age of 30 I did study sculpture and restoration techniques. Through the years I’ve been studying art history and examining techniques and coulors used by old masters as well. Last but least I’ve studied with:

• Gé Logman – Moordrecht, teacher Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
• Ton Mooij – Amersfoort, artist, sculptor and restorer.
• Henk Huig – Former Teacher Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
• Raymond Huisman – Former Teacher Wackers Academy Amsterdam
• Daniel Douglas – Zwolle, successful portraitist
• Amos van Gelder – Amsterdam
• Slobodan Tomanovics -Leiden.

Here and Now

Well, I’m still attending classes at the international Web Art Academy and the Drawing Academy (Nathalie Richy / Vladimir London, United Kingdom, based on the Repin Academy in Petersburg, Russia.

At Kunstinzicht as well at the Web Art Academy I’m also represented with my own portfolio.

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